S2417DG, Burn In Mode starts on its own?

After 4 months of normal operation, my S2417DG monitor began cycling through solid color screens whenever it was restarted while my system was off or in sleep mode.  It also lost all of my settings - essentially a factory reset.  A Dell tech walked me through turning off Burn In Mode in the Factory Menu, but that solution was temporary.  The next monitor restart with the system off or idle recreated the problem.  

I already had turned off Deep Sleep mode.  After much experimenting, I discovered that Dell's Power Saving mode was not interacting correctly with Windows 10 - 64 bit.  Turning off Power Saving and using only Windows power features solved this problem.  My monitor no longer reverts to the Factory Menu and loses all settings on restart. 

UPDATE: There appears to be an additional underlying problem.  The monitor will keep menu settings for short periods without power, but loses them overnight.  So here is the chain as I understand it now.

When the monitor does not detect video input, it goes into Burn In mode.

When Power Saving / Deep Sleep are turned on, the monitor does not detect video input at startup.

When the monitor is powered off for several hours, it loses menu setting changes (turns Power Saving back ON).  This is the root cause of the Flashing Screens problem.

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RE: S2417DG - Starting in Burn In Mode - Flashing Color Screens: Update

* In what country are you?
* From whom was this S2417DG purchased?
* Purchased as New or Refurbished?
* What is the 20 digit serial number and A0x revision?
* If the S2417DG has a service tag number, click my name and send it to me via Private Message
* What computer model?
* What video card?
* How is the S2417DG connected to the video card using what port and cable?

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