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S2417DG, DP is not working


I just purchased my new S2417DG monitor. When I connect it via HDMI its all fine. But when I do it via  DP its not working. It say no signal. Now I have two computers and the problem is with both.

Lenovo Y520 laptop, GTX 1060, mDP to DP cable

Desktop, GTX 1080 Ti Armor, DP to DP cable 

I already did:
* Download and install the drivers
* Factory reset on the monitor
* Built-in Diagnostic was good.

What else can I do to fix it?

Thank you


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Re: S2417DG, DisplayPort is not working


* For my notes, send me via Private Message the S2417DG service tag number
* Turn both computers off
* Turn the S2417DG off
* Disconnect ALL cables from the S2417DG (including the power cable)
* Press and hold in the S2417DG power button for 10 seconds
* Reconnect the power cable to the S2417DG
* For testing, connect only one computer to the the S2417DG =
Desktop computer GTX 1080 DP out port --> S2417DG DP to DP cable --> S2417DG DP in port
* Turn the Desktop computer on, then turn the S2417DG on
* Press the S2417DG Menu button
* Go to Input Source
* Check DP
* Exit the Menu
* Does the Windows desktop appear on screen?

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