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S2417DG, G-SYNC, not working at overclocked 165Hz?

(This is a cross-post question from reddit /r/Monitors.)

Hi from South Korea. I've recently bought the DELL S2417DG (24" 144Hz 1440p G-sync, OCable at 165Hz) and so far I'm loving it. I've got the A05 revision (manufactured Jan 18). Color banding is there as I expected, but do not care much since I use it for gaming (I use U2718Q for other uses).

I need the official response from Dell regarding to the support for G-sync at Oc'ed 165Hz. It is a general consensus in Korean hardware communities (the largest one is coolenjoy, http://www.coolenjoy.net) that this monitor does not support G-sync at 165Hz. Usual monitors support G-sync up to their max refresh rate, but this particular monitor have failed to implement G-sync properly, so G-sync deactivates past 144Hz.

I wonder, is this true? Since I've not seen any articles in the west that depicts this "design flaw" of this monitor, Here in /r/Monitors and Overclock.net, Blur Busters, etc. Even one of the community member asked the Dell Customer Support (Korean) and received the answer that the official G-sync supported frequency range is 144Hz.

I've Personally experimented with 3 commonly used G-sync settings (http://www.coolenjoy.net/bbs/31/720694) (please use translator). The first video is a recommended setting from Blur Busters: G-sync On, NVCP V-sync On, In-game V-sync Off, and FPS cap to 162 (165Hz-3). The result is a total tear-free image.

But Some users commented that "This is because the traditional V-sync kicked in past 144FPS. I can feel the added mouse input lag past 144."

Can the moderator of this forum, or anyone here using this monitor cross-validate this? Is there any experiment, or review that pinpoint this? Any Discussions are appreciated. Thanks!

(Note: the second video setting is only G-sync On, and the third video is G-sync On, V-sync off (both NVCP & In-game), and FPS Cap to 162. Tearing occurs only at the bottom of the screen (Just like the one reported from Blur Busters) (https://www.blurbusters.com/gsync/gsync101-input-lag-tests-and-settings/2/)

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Re: S2417DG, G-SYNC, Not Supported at Overclocked 165Hz?


You can see from the sales and the User's Guide that the S2417DG fully supports G-SYNC at overclocked 165Hz. The issue is users are not meeting the requirements or installing the driver and G-SYNC incorrectly.

G-SYNC instructions

Requirements =
* You must have a validated Nvidia G-SYNC compatible video card
* You must install the latest Nvidia WHQL G-SYNC compatible driver
* You connect in this manner =
Desktop computer GTX DP out port --> S2417DG DP to DP cable --> S2417DG DP in port

Installation =
* Download and install the S2417DG Windows 10 driver
* Uninstall the GeForce Experience
* Restart the PC when done
* Download/Save the latest Nvidia WHQL G-SYNC compatible driver to your Windows Desktop
* Right click the file and select "Run as administrator"
* Click OK
* Click Agree and Continue
* Click Custom (Advanced)
* Click Next
* Check the following =
Graphics Driver
3D Vision Controller Driver
3D Vision Driver
HD Audio Driver
PhysX System Software
Perform a clean installation
* Click Next
* When done, click Restart Now

Enable G-SYNC in the Nvidia Control Panel
* Open the Nvidia Control Panel
* Open Display
* Click Setup G-SYNC
* Check Enable G-SYNC
* Insert the dot to, "Enable G-SYNC for windowed and full screen mode"
* Click Apply
* Open 3D Settings
* Click Manage 3D Settings
* Click the Global Settings tab
* Open Monitor Technology
* Choose G-SYNC
* Click Apply
* Close the the Nvidia Control Panel

Enable G-SYNC in the S2417DG Menu OSD (On Screen Display)
* Press the Menu button to open the OSD
* Go to Others
* Choose Factory Reset
* Change to On. This reset the S2417DG to Factory Defaults
* Go up to Display
* Enable Overclock
* Go to Overclock Refresh Rate
* Set it to 165Hz
* Exit the Menu

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