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S2417DG, no display after overclocking without drivers?

I was stupid enough to try overclocking the display to 165Hz without downloading the drivers. It was stupid and I've scolded myself enough about it.  But after doing this, the S2417DG will only show the power save message, and won't open Windows. What can I do to get it working again? I'm really panicking here, as I just finished building my new pc.

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Re: S2417DG, no display after overclocking without drivers?


* What PC model?
* What Nvidia video card?
* What operating system?

* Turn the PC and S2417DG off
* Disconnect EVERY cable (power, USB, DP) from the S2417DG
* Press and hold in the S2417DG power button for 10 seconds
* Reconnect the DP to DP cable to both the Nvidia video card and the S2417DG
* Reconnect the USB upstream cable from the S2417DG to the PC USB port
* Reconnect the power cable to the S2417DG
* Turn the S2417DG on, then the PC. What happens?

For my notes, send me via Private Message the service tag number.

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