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S2417DG, wont overclock to 165 fps anymore

Hi I was wondering if any of you could help me solve my problem before I get my monitor replaced by amazon.

So when I first bought the monitor around a month ago I got the 165 hz to work and overclock but then I disabled overclock for a period of time and now after I reboot the monitor after enabling overclock and setting the hz back to 165 it just resets the monitor back to default factory settings. When it boots or turns on there is a red screen flashed right before you see the dell logo. I've tried everything, nothing seems to work.

List of things tried and didn't work:

  • Searching reddit for ansers
  • Calling tech support (which happened to be a scam, they literally admitted they were scamming me and hung up on me LOL)
  • Calling the real tech support (took around 4 hours and 3 different calls, every time I called they kept circling me around all their 3 specialist departments. The basic monitor specialist department said that you need an advanced specialist for this type of problem let me transfer you to the advanced tech support department. 20 minutes of bad elevator music later they pick up and ask me about my problem again and then they tell me that they are the OUT of warranty department and say I need to go the in-warranty department and yada yada yada they do the same thing to me AGAIN. Not a dang clue!)
  • Updating my drivers
  • Reinstalling my drivers
  • Unplugging display ports and power supplies
  • Restarting computer
  • Changing the display settings the way you normally would (like at least 100 times)

Sorry about the rant, I'm a bit salty and stressed from finals and just want to be done with this and have my monitor work again so I can wreck more noobs in overwatch.

Any help is much appreciated.


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RE: Monitor S2417DG wont overclock to 165 fps anymore

Assuming that you are using a Desktop computer, if not, let me know.

* Turn the monitor and computer off
* Disconnect EVERY cable from the monitor (including power cable)
* Press and hold in the monitor power button for 30 seconds
* Open the desktop case
* Disconnect all cabling from the video card
* Remove and reseat the video card in the motherboard slot
* Close the case
* Reconnect the monitor to the video card
* Turn the monitor on, then the computer and retest

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RE: S2417DG, wont overclock to 165 fps anymore

Just tried, still same problem. It's also noteful that the monitor flashes a bunch of bright colors now when it's idle and it never did that before.

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RE: S2417DG, wont overclock to 165 fps anymore

* Go back to the top of this monitor Forum
* Open the announcement, "FAQ Monitor"
* Read through, "Monitor warranties and replacement instructions"

Once you receive the replacement, test it using the same cabling and video card port.
- If the replacement monitor works, return the original monitor to Dell.
- If the replacement monitor has the same issue, both monitors cannot be faulty. Return the replacement monitor to Dell. The fault has to be with the computer, video card, video card driver, cabling, or some operating system setting.

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