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S2440L "Wrong power adapter detected"


I have a Dell S2440L purchased from Aria Technology Ltd. that at home shows the message "Wrong power adapter detected. The display will shut down in 10 seconds." continuously more than half of the times that I try to switch it on (and once the message has appeared, it seems no amount of switching on and off, disconnecting and re-connecting cables will make it go away except to wait a couple of hours and try again). I returned it to Aria, who claim to be unable to recreate the problem (although in my opinion, they seem to have been very keen to shirk responsibility for the issue), and they have sent it back to me with the following advice:

With it being an intermittent Fault and not occurring here we are just posting it back free of charge so that you may get Dell out to your home to sort it out as we thought that would be the best option, as with their own equipment it will probably be much easier to detect a fault on their own hardware

I do apologise for the delay and hope this can solve this issue for you, as with it being an on-site warranty you can get them out to your home and fix it when your best free.

Sorry for any inconvenience caused

Aria Technology Ltd

The "delay" they refer to is the fact that I returned the monitor at start March, and this problem is still not resolved (a monitor that doesn't work 50% of the times you come to it is worse than useless). The power adapter is the supplied LiteOn PA-1041-71. Can I get Dell "out to my home to sort it out", and how do I do this if so?



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Re: Dell S2440L "Wrong power adapter detected"


Dell does not provide onsite service for monitors. If defective, we simply replace them. What complicates matters is you bought from a reseller, not Dell. Demand Aria for a whole monitor exchange. If that fails, demand a refund. Then, purchase directly from Dell.

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