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S2716DG, GTX 1070, G-Sync flicker, #2

I have this same issue. I just bought this S2716DG from Best Buy. I also have the S2417DG which I have had no problems with. I noticed when playing a game with G-Sync enabled, I get the pulsing problem. I do not get that issue on the S2417DG. This appears to be an issue with the S2716DG. I have tried the fix mentioned in the older thread and it does not seem to help. Also, updated the S2716DG driver in Device Manager. As well as reinstalled the GeForce drivers. Nothing fixes it except turning off G-Sync.  

This appears to be a bug in the S2716DG but since I bought it for its G-Sync ability, I will be returning it if there isn't a fix. Apparently people have been having issues with this for some time. Is there a resolution on the Dell side for this issue? I have revision A09. 



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Re: S2716DG, GTX 1070, G-Sync flicker, #2

* Click my name and private message me the S2716DG service tag number and 20 digit alphanumeric serial number
* Do you also have the GTX 1070 as the older thread user?
* A09 is the latest revision
* Post a video showing the pulsing issue


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