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S2716DG, GTX 1070, vertical pixelation, blur line

I recently received a S2716DG on Tuesday 5/29/2018, and it was working great. Until I noticed a vertical pixelation/blur right down the center of the screen. I noticed this issue when Alt+Tabbing into a full screen game like Fortnite or CS:GO. My Monitor settings i'm currently using are 2560x1440 Resolution, 144Hz, and G-SYNC. The GPU i'm using is a NVIDIA GTX 1070. I tried contacting Dell Support, and they told me to do the Built-In diagnostics test, check video drivers, and make sure my system BIOS is updated. I did all of these tests and checks, but I still get this issue. You can see the distorted numbers on top of the screen.

This issue is able to reproduced by Alt+Tabbing in and out of games and occurs about 25% of the times. After doing research online, I found many people with the same monitor have a similar issue, and many people claim it's an issue with the NVIDIA firmware within the monitor itself. 

I decided to do a little bit of troubleshooting on my own. I used two recordings simultaneously, one using my iPhone to record what is displayed on my screen, and one using a screen capture software, OBS, to recording what image is being displayed. The recording using the iPhone captures the issue occurring as displayed by my monitor, but the second recording displays no vertical pixelation at all leading me to believe that my system is properly outputting to the display.

First recording using iPhone

Second recording using a screen recording software

Here is my monitors serial number along with the revision: <removed, private tag and express service code>

Any help would be appreciated.


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Re: S2716DG, GTX 1070, vertical pixelation, blur line

Just noticed I'm getting this issue out of full screen game now within my regular desktop screen now on the right side of my screen instead of the center. Only reseating the DVI cable fixes this issue. 



Re: S2716DG, GTX 1070, vertical pixelation, blur line


* A09 is the latest version I have seen reported

* You should NOT be using DVI. You should be testing like this =
GTX 1070 DP 1.3 out port --> S2716DG DP to DP cable --> S2716DG DP in port
- Test 2560x1440, G-SYNC enabled 144Hz
- Test 2560x1440, 120Hz
- Test 2560x1440, 100Hz
- Test 2560x1440, 85Hz
- Test 2560x1440, 60Hz

* Do you see the issue when you start the game in full screen and do NOT Alt+Tab out of it testing all Hz?

* On a fresh reboot of the operating system, do you see the issue on the Windows desktop testing all Hz?

* All of these using an AU Optronics panel are reporting the same issue =
Asus PG279Q, Asus PG278QR, Asus MG279Q, Dell S2716DG, AGON ??, Acer Predator XB271HU

An exchange will not correct this issue. All I can do is report the issue to the displays team. If we can find 20 unique Dell S2716DG owners all reporting the same issue via this Forum or our call centers, that would give us enough ammunition to approach AU Optronics and ask them to replicate the issue, and create a potential firmware update. Then, work out the deal for us to be reimbursed for the time spent in our service center to update all of the S2716DG stock. A very long process.

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Re: S2716DG, GTX 1070, vertical pixelation, blur line

I have this same issue , i was thinking about posting but i just saw this post so im guessin theres no hope until we get more people with the same issue correct?

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Roger Ellzey
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Re: S2716DG, GTX 1070, vertical pixelation, blur line

I have the same issue. Tech support tried to tell me there were no reported issues with this display. Is there any update on how to remedy this issue?

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Re: S2716DG, GTX 1070, vertical pixelation, blur line

All Nvidia G-Sync monitors using the AUO (AU Optronics) panel have this intermittent "out of sync" problem. The result could show =
- glitch line on side of screen
- vertical pixelation
- blurry line

The following have all reported the issue =
Acer Predator XB271HU AUO M270DAN02.6
Asus MG279Q AUO M270DAN02.3
Asus PG278QR
Asus PG279Q AUO M270Q008 V0
Dell S2417DG AUO M238DTN01.2
Dell S2716DG AUO M270DTN01.5
Dell AW2518H
HP Omen AUO M270DTN01.5
LG 32GK850G AUO M315DVR01.0

This is due to a Nvidia G-Sync hardware design limitation and not fixable via a monitor exchange, monitor firmware update, or monitor driver. Dell and other Nvidia G-Sync monitor vendors have reported the issues to Nvidia. All further communication should be directed to Nvidia on their Forum so that Nvidia can see the number of users who have this intermittent "out of sync" problem. In your post out there, you should list the monitor model, Nvidia video card, Nvidia video card driver, operating system, etc.

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