S2716DG, can only go to 85Hz

Windows 10
i7-5820K @ 3.3GHz
Nvidia GTX 980ti

Ok so the forums are full of alot of these problems regarding the 144Hz refresh rate and I have tried everything before posting. Installed and uninstalled Nvidia drivers 3 times with clean installation selected. Have checked Nvidia Contol panel and G-SYNC is selected for windowed and full option, plugged into a socket not an extension cable. Been to Dell Support and they were atrocious, didn't even know if my graphics card was compatible????!! Seriously???!!

S2716DG is set at its native refresh rate of 2560x1440 and only 24Hz, 60Hz, and 85Hz are selectable. Anyone actually KNOW what the problem is?

Your help would be greatly appreciated or it's going back!

Thanking You

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RE: S2716DG, can only go to 85Hz

The three year old 2014 GTX 980 /Ti series video cards are on the edge supporting higher than 85Hz. Some have the required 586MHz pixel clock, others do no not. Depends on the manufacturer (EVGA, Asus, etc.). Check yours =

Nvidia Control Panel- Display- Change Resolution- Customize- Create Custom Resolution

Look on the bottom right for the Pixel clock.

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