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S2716DG, dual, lock up PC when set to 144Hz

So I have two Dell S2716DG that are 144Hz and G-Sync. I’ve been trying on my PC which runs RTX 2080 OC Ti from PNY. I can get one S2716DG to run at 144Hz, but, as soon as I set second (or try both at once) to get to anything over 60Hz, the PC locks up. Now I do OC on that PC on cpu and ram so I thought fine. Hook up to Dell XPS desktop with i9-9900k stock and GTX 1080. Same exact issue. Any ideas? I google dual 144Hz monitor issue and everyone is talking about one 144Hz and another on that only runs at 60Hz and has issue. Funny enough, most suggest get two 144Hz matching monitors to fix the issue, just like I have. So I’m at a loss. I updated monitor drivers (who does this anymore but I thought give it a shot ) no difference. Thanks all!

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Re: S2716DG, dual, lock up PC when set to 144Hz

* For my internal notes, click my name and private message me both of the S2716DG service tag numbers and 20 digit alphanumeric serial numbers
* List all of the video out ports on the PNY RTX 2080 and Dell GTX 1080
* What Nvidia driver version was installed on both PC?

* To be clear, both S2716DG function at 144Hz G-Sync On, by themselves, on every PNY RTX 2080 and Dell GTX 1080 full size DP out port?


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