S2716DG - is cleaning with soft cloth not covered in warranty?

It seems that Dell's warranty does not cover cleaning the monitor with a soft microfibre cloth.. what you see in this photo is what happened a couple of days ago after I cleaned the monitor with a soft cloth. the white area on the top of the screen? that's a damaged area.. only I did not knock on it, bumped it, or caused any mechanical or other damage to it.

I just cleaned it with a soft cloth. And yet, Dell is insisting that this obvious manufacturing defect is not covered in their infamous warranty. and the more I read and investigate, the more I find how Dell finds ways to shirk its responsibility towards it's customers. 

Maybe Dell should take a page out of Amazon's customer service. They make sure the customer is happy and do everything to achieve that. Because the best business model is maintaining a loyal customer base that is happy with its post-sale service.

I am still waiting for Dell's response after two escalations, but I can already say I will not let this go. It is inconceivable to me that I am expected to pay (AGAIN) over 750 s$ for a monitor that is almost brand new (4 months) and to which I did no damage whatsoever.

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RE: S2716DG - is cleaning with soft cloth not covered in warranty?

The S2716DG User's Guide page 20 states =

I have been working with Dell monitors for 19 years. There is no possible way that a "dampened with water" soft cloth caused that damage. Only the use of excessive force or some form of ammonia or abrasive cleaner could cause this damage. Regardless, this would be considered "customer caused damage" and would not be covered under the standard warranty.

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