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S2716DG, no sound from Line-out port

I have my S2716DG connected via DisplayPort and have a pair of Bose powered speakers connected to the Line-out port on the rear of the S2716DG. Things have worked well till today when I came home and I have no sound from the Line-out. I can swap the wire to the side Headphone-out port and things work, but my S2716DG sits at an area that I cant have anything on that side. Is there some type of toggle that would turn that port on or off? I don't see any errors in Windows Device Manager. The S2716DG is set as my default audio output device. 

Windows 10 64
GTX 1080 Ti DP out port --> DP to DP cable --> S2716DG DP in port

I've installed/reinstalled video card drivers. Looked for any audio driver updates, uninstalled/reinstalled video/ audio drivers.

I've tried using older versions of video card drivers hoping it was a Nvidia error. Still same issue.

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Re: S2716DG, no sound from Line-out port

* Turn the out of warranty S2716DG off
* Disconnect every cable (including the power cable) from the rear and side of the S2716DG
* Press the S2716DG power button in for 8 seconds
* Reconnect the power cable, single video cable, and the speakers to the S2716DG and retest