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S2740L, dual, Asus laptop, only one works at a time?

Hey everyone.

I have two Dell S2740L attached to my Asus laptop. I cannot get both to work at the same time. It's one or the other but not both.

I have checked and both monitors and cables are good. It's just when I plug in one, I am fine, it works.

When I plug in the second, monitor 1 shuts off and monitor 2 comes on fine.

This is driving me CRAZY.  All I want to do is extend my laptop screen to the two monitors.

FYI, when I go into the display settings on W10, it won't even detect the third monitor.

Other strange issues:

The HDMI port on Asus won't recognize either monitor, but when I plug the HDMI from either screen into a Cable Matters display link USB adapter, it does recognize the monitor.