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S2740L, flashes+frame changing color

Hello all,

so i am for the last year experiencing a problem with my monitor: when i turn it on, it continuously flashes like a florescent until it stabilized, at first it took about a few a seconds to set and today its about a few good minutes.
Since yesterday when i came to the pc, the monitor was turning on and off every 5 seconds without stopping, so i took the cable out since the touch buttons didn't react at all.
Today when i turned the monitor on again, it was flashing as always just that this time a part of the frame seemed to change the colur to white in general and when it was a white background it changed to black.
now i think it is time for me to be a little more concerned since the monitor is not that old...

monitor model: ultra sharp 27" s2740lb led

Sorry for the bad english and gramar(english is not my native language)
Any information would be welcome

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RE: S2740L, flashes+frame changing color

The S2740L power cable should be plugged directly into the wall socket. Then disconnect/reconnect the AC Adapter to both the power cord and S2740L. Perform the monitor Self-Test &  BID (Built-in Diagnostics), page 46. This test removes the computer and cabling from the troubleshooting. If the issue is not seen during the test, the monitor itself is fine. If the issue is seen during the test, it is defective.

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