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S3220DGF, AMD FreeSync on, brightness changes/flickering, #4


I have just finished a triple monitor setup with S3220DGF but the things backlight/gamma something, flicker when AMD FreeSync is in use! Why? And unfortunately, searching for solutions I see I am not alone. C'mon how did this pass QC?  Please, is there any firmware update  that fixes this?

Thank you

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Re: S3220DGF, AMD FreeSync on, brightness changes/flickering, #4

Intel 9900k

Amd 5700XT latest drivers

Also tested with Nvidia 2080ti using latest drivers

Windows 10 1909..

Drivers are not responsible for this brightness/gamma flickering. I tested a few driver versions with both GPU with same results. Freesync enabled from GPU side and darn things flicker. Around 90Hz / 90 Fps it is so bad is makes me nauseous.

All Monitors are connected via display port, tested a few cables, same results.

I have tried multiple custom frequency 90 100 120 144 all of them flicker. I even tried changing freesync range with CRU, same results. They flicker when freesync is working, like all people are reporting all over the internet.

I am most definitely returning them because no manufacturer is going to solve this quickly and return window is getting short. I don't see dell having a user way to update monitor firmware so I am out of options. It is sad because monitors are very nice otherwise.

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