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SE2717H, FreeSync, black screen, flickering issue

I am getting Black screen flickering during gaming while freesync is enabled, if i press the windows key then the display comes back but entering the game in fullscreen resumes the problem.
I can temporarily fix this issue by either reinstalling my amd drivers or by pulling my hdmi cable and then putting it back in. If i turn off fressync i dont have any issues but then again why use a freesync monitor and amd gpu if you cant use freesync. I have the latest Adrenaline drivers(19.4.1). Another thing i have noticed that my freesync works well till the main power switch for my APC Back UPS is turned off after i shutdown my pc. Now you will ask why turn off the main switch from the wall where my ups is getting power from, but sometimes we have powercuts here and i have to face this problem nevertheless. Once the wall switch where my ups is connected is turned off, the ups will have its fans running but i have the ups power button turned off which means no power to my pc or my monitor. But if i keep the wall switch turned off for long then that ups fan turns off and then the next time i boot my pc and play games i get blackscreen due to freesync, then removing and reattaching the hdmi cable fixes the issue till the next boot up. But reinstalling the radeon drivers fixes the issue till the next time i turn off the wall switch for my ups or a random powercut happens for some reason for an hour or so and my ups does not get any power for that time. I know this is weird and i may sound like i am not making any sense but i have seen other people having the exact same issue in other websites and have no fix for it.

I hope someone else came across this issue and have found a solution because i have tried everything and have lost all hope.
Thank you for anyone sparing their precious time reading this.

Monitor: Brand new Dell SE2717H with Freesync support & 75Hz refresh rate.
Gpu: Aorus Rx 580 8gb
Mobo: Asus Z370-P
Ram: Gskill Ripjaws V 8gb 2400Mhz x 2
Psu: Corsair VS 650
Ups: APC Back UPS 1100

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