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SE2717H, exceeding maximum refresh rate

Hello πŸ‘‹ I use a Dell SE2717H 27” FHD LED, I bought it brand new two weeks ago. I use the monitor as a Primary display for my laptop (Acer Aspire E5-773G), my laptop lid is closed at all times. So the problem I have is that every 6-5 days the monitor goes black for a second the goes back to normal, almost instantly, but still remains on. The monitor is running at 1920x1080 75Hz which is above the maximum resolution of 1920x1080 60Hz. I tried changing my refresh rate back to 60Hz but the color is just bad as compared to running at 75Hz. I also tried troubleshooting by reinstalling my Intel HD graphics but still the going black of the screen still persisted. Can someone please help with issue. Thank you in advance

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Re: SE2717H, exceeding maximum refresh rate


* Click my name and private message me the SE2717H service tag number
* As you stated, the online SE2717H User's Guide page 11 states that at 1920x1080, 60Hz is the maximum. Your usage of 75Hz is not supported at 1920x1080. This is outside the boundaries of the Dell warranty. 75Hz is only supported by Dell using lowered resolutions
* Back it down to 1920x1080 60Hz and post pictures of, "the color is just bad"

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