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SE2717H, no 75Hz with non-validated Nvidia

Before anything, here's all the specs that matter in this.

Graphics Card - Geforce GTX 1050Ti

Monitor 1 - Viewsonic VA2265SMH

Monitor 2 - Dell SE2717H

Cord going from monitor 2 to graphics card - UNMCORE HDMI to DVI-D Male to Male HDMI Cable

So I have 2 monitors with said graphics card, with that cable in between monitor 2 and the PC. I THOUGHT I was getting 75 hz on my monitor 2 because that's what it was advertised as. I was going through the settings on monitor 2 today and it says that the resolution is 75 hz, but the maximum was 60 hz. I don't know if this means that I'm only getting 60 hz or what, but I have no idea how to go about finding that out and I figured you guys would help. I put monitor one on there just in case it was being a bottleneck.

Thanks again because I'm just trying to get the hz i paid for. Thank you.

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Re: SE2717H, no 75Hz with non-validated Nvidia


Let's backup. The SE2717H uses the AMD FreeSync technology and an AMD video card to generate 1920x1080 75Hz. You cannot use AMD FreeSync with a Nvidia video card. Here is the User's Guide. Notice it mentions AMD FreeSync and not Nvidia G-SYNC. Also the SE2717H Dell sales site specifically mentions AMD FreeSync.

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