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ST2010 HDMI port and getting stuck in power save mode


Hoping someone could assist.

I have a desktop PC with an ATI Radion 9600 Atlantis graphics card which until recently was just connected to the VGA port of my ST2010 monitor.

I bought a DVI<>HDMI cable on Amazon to use with the ST2010's HDMI port, and initially it all looked good.

My problem is that, every time the monitor goes into power save mode, it is not then possible to get it back out of this state i.e. pressing keys or clicking the mouse makes no difference. Only a reboot will work.

The same issue occurs if I switch off the monitor and back on again when the PC is on. This does not happen if I have only the VGA cable connected and the monitor in VGA mode (selected on the ST2010 menu).

Any suggestions?



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Re: ST2010 HDMI port and getting stuck in power save mode

The monitor HDMI is passive. The video card HDMI is active. If the monitor goes into powersave while connected to the video card HDMI, the monitor cannot reinitialize the HDMI connection. The video card has to reinitialize the HDMI to the monitor through a reboot of the PC. So what your seeing is normal. In your case, disable all monitor powersave modes and instead use a screensaver.

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