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ST2010, will not wake up

Chris, I noticed you never answered the original poster.  I am disappointed because I want to know the fix. I have the same problem and have had it for almost a year, although I have had my system for almost 4 years -- Dell Inspiron with ST2010 Monitor.  I have every energy-saving setting I can reach through Windows Control Panel set to Never and the monitor still goes into energy-saving mode, always while I am working at the computer (I never walk away now without turning off the monitor but leaving the CPU on), and nothing I can do wakes it up except powering off.  I do not use the USB connection either.

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RE: ST2010, will not wake up

Jack Keller,

Does the issue occur when testing all available monitor ports (VGA, HDMI) ?

Open the monitor OSD (On Screen Display) menu, go to Other Settings, choose Factory Reset -Reset All Settings.

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