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ST2310B, Ebay, Red/Green Line

Seeking advice as I have no idea where to contact. There's no more Dell store at Ebay from where I bought this monitor. I even don't know if this monitor has 3 years warranty! Where shall I contact?How would I know if my monitor is under warranty ?

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Re: Red/Green line on a Dell ST2310B 23" Full HD Widescreen Flat Panel Monitor bought from Dell @ Ebay Store

Hi Prasanta,

The display issue that you are experiencing on the monitor may be due to a monitor problem, corrupt settings of the monitor or due to corrupt video card drivers. Please try the following troubleshooting steps:

1. Please check the video cable
Ensure Video cable is functional/not damaged (broken/bent pins). Reseat monitor data cable (VGA , DVI, HDMI or Display Port).

2. Run the 'Built in Diagnostics' to check hardware functionality. You may find the following steps useful:
- Ensure that the screen is clean (no dust particles on the surface of the screen)
- Unplug the video cable(s) from the back of the computer or monitor. The monitor then goes into the self-test mode
- On the front panel, press and hold the shortcut key 1 and shortcut key 4 keys on the front panel, simultaneously for 2 seconds. A gray screen appears
Carefully inspect the screen for abnormalities

- Press the shortcut key 4 key on the front panel again. The color of the screen changes to red  
- Carefully inspect the screen for abnormalities
- Repeat steps 5 and 6 to inspect the display in green, blue, and white colored screens
- The test is complete when the white screen appears. To exit, press the first button again
(If you do not detect any screen abnormalities upon using the built-in diagnostic tool, the monitor is functioning properly; however if the test fails it means that the monitor has gone bad and needs replacement)

3. If the test passes, run OSD factory reset
If the self - test passes, connect the monitor video cable back to a computer. If you get a display (even for some time), please follow the steps listed below to reset the monitor settings back to factory defaults.
- Under OSD menu options, please navigate to 'Other Settings'
- Select 'Factory Reset' and re-check

4. If the issue persists, run MS Fix-It
Solve Windows display quality issues: http://support.microsoft.com/mats/Windows_Display_Quality_Diagnostics/

5. If you still experience the issue, the issue is related to re-install Video Card driver in your computer; the drivers may be corrupt and may need re-intallation.

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I am sending you a private message as well. Click on “Inbox” to respond to the message and provide the 'monitor's serial number' and 'Account Holder's name' so I may access your monitor records and provide you the warranty information. You could also click on Start Conversation to send a private message. You may find the following image useful to locate the 'serial number of the monitor'

Hope this helps. Do reply if you have any further questions. I would be glad to assist.

Thanks & Regards,
Saurabh A
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Re: ST2310B, Ebay, Red/Green Line


It will be difficult for us to validate the purchased warranty if you cannot re-contact the seller...

Go back to the top of the Monitors Forum and open the announcement, "Dell monitor not purchased from Dell directly. What is my warranty?".

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