Seeking advice on using 4K monitor.


I have a Dell Inspiron 580 with Dell U2412M monitor, running Windows 10.

I am thinking of upgrading my monitor to a 4K HD Dell P2415Q,
and would like to check with you on the compatibility of this with my PC.

i suspect that I will need to buy a graphics card, and would appreciate suggestions
on a suitable card.  I would like to minimize cost, and should mention that I mainly use my PC for documents, spreadsheets and engineering CAD programs, and for digital photos.  I rarely use it for Video, and never for gaming.

I believe that the HDMI port is only a version 1.4 port, which means I can't run the
Dell P2415Q’s 3840 x 2160 native resolution at 60Hz over HDMI, only 30Hz.
Is this correct?, and if so, will it matter?
Also, am I correct in thinking that everything will automatically be scaled to account
for the higher resolution, i.e. text will be displayed at roughly the same size
as on my present monitor, but with much improved quality due to the smaller pixel size?

In case it is relevant, my Service Tag is <Service tag removed>

and  Express Service Code is  <Express service code removed>

Many thanks,   Ken.

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RE: Seeking advice on using 4K monitor.

Hi Ken,

Thanks for posting.

Here is some information you may find helpful:


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RE: Seeking advice on using 4K monitor.

I am currently using a

Dell U3417W

Go for the one Desmond recommended. It's a wider version of the typical 24" 1080p. It'll be a great experience.

Curved? Over 34" on ultrawide sure, but otherwise?

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RE: Seeking advice on using 4K monitor.

I personally wouldn't go anything under 24 inch for 1080p, but if you're ok with their screen then that's ok.

Maybe consider an ultrawide? Handy for your first two uses (work+movies)


Always thought curved was gimmicky but haven't used one myself

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