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Surface Pro 3, U2417H daisy chain to ST2410 HDMI?

Hey guys,
I recently bought a Dell U2417H. I planned on connecting my SP3 (bought in 2013, which I thought was DP1.2 enabled) to the U2417 monitor through a mini-DP to DP cable and the U2417 monitor to my older Dell ST2410 through an DP to HDMI cable.

The problem is that when I go into the monitor settings on my U2417, THERE IS NO OPTION ENABLING DP1.2 support like in the link below. There is only an option to enable MST which from what I can tell doesn't do anything...

I have updated my graphics card, but I'm not completely sure how to check what version I'm running to provide more information for you guys. To connect my u2417 to my st2410 I used a Rankie 3FT Gold Plated DisplayPort to HDTV HDMI Cable from Amazon. I will double check that his is working and will post back.

So how can I get these 2 external monitors working together?
 At this point I'm not sure what to... Can anyone help me out please?
Picture of what I thought the menu should look like:
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RE: Surface Pro 3, U2417H daisy chain to ST2410?

That configuration is not possible. Daisy chaining can only be done via DP or mDP, not HDMI in. Notice the picture on page 28 of the U2417H User's Guide, no HDMI =

SP3 mDP out --> mDP to DP cable --> U2417H DP in (MST on)

U2417H DP out --> DP to DP cable --> 2nd monitor DP in
U2417H DP out --> DP to mDP cable --> 2nd monitor mDP in

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