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Thunderbolt Connection

I'd like to connect my Dell P2715Q monitor to the Thunderbolt port on my Dell XPS 15-9550.

Which port on the monitor do I use and what cable do I need?

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RE: Thunderbolt Connection

Dell does not sell a specific TB (Thunderbolt) to DP (DisplayPort) or mDP (mini Display Port) cable. Did you test to see if the P2715Q mDP to DP cable fits in the TB/mDP port? If it does, connect in this way =
Laptop TB/mDP out --> P2715Q mDP to DP cable --> P2715QDP in

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RE: Thunderbolt Connection

Hello Chris.

I am a little confused and I'm seeking someone able to really help.

My problem is quite the same but I want to explain a little more in detail what I want to do and I'm not able to.

I have the P2715Q, awesome.

I have some Mac Mini brought recently 2016 & 2017

I would like to use my screen with 3840*2160 @60Hz.

Today I can only achieve 3840*2160 @30Hz with the Dell provided miniDP to DP cable.

From what I read some people succeed doing this by connecting a thunderbolt cable to the thunderbolt port of the Mac mini. They arrive to 3840*2160 @60Hz.

What it is not clear to me is if I can plug the thunderbolt cable directly into the miniDP port of the monitor or do I have to have an adapter DP (male) to miniDP (female) to do so?

I have tried with my Apple Thunderbolt cable (that works fine) connecting miniDP on the Mac mini to miniDP on the monitor and I have no signal at all.

I do not care to handle data on thunderbolt cable, just the signal, but it has to be 60Hz.  

I'm considering changing my entire company monitors to this awesome screen model I really like but I need to be sure I can achieve the frequency.

Thanks in advance for your wisdom on this.

I think the monitor might have some physical issue on the miniDP at the back?

Minis miniDP are Thunderbolt 2 (so 1.2 miniDP)

In the user manual I read it is a IN port, so it should work right?

Thanks in advance for your answer.


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