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Triple Monitor Support

Hey guys, I've been using dual monitors for a while now and everything has been working great. This morning however I was scrapping an old PC and found a DVI adapter card, this one to be exact:

I decided to stick it in my custom PC and hook up a third monitor I had sitting around. First of all, I had a 7870 that I was using but it died last month so it's in for an RMA right now. I am using a friends 650TI for the time being. My monitors are both DVI currently and work fine with the 2 DVI ports in the card.The third monitor is also DVI so I plugged the adapter from the other computer into mine in the PCI E slot and plugged the monitor in and booted up my computer. However nothing was being detected in device manager or my computer anywhere. I also couldn't find any drivers anywhere.I just need to know what to do from here. Thanks!

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Re: Triple Monitor Support


What motherboard port is the 650Ti installed? What port is the add in DVI card installed?

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