U2311H 23" Widescreen Flat Panel has gray streaks and ghosting

I've had my U2311H for about half a year now and it has been working really well. Today, a bunch of gray lines suddenly appeared on the bottom half of the screen. The entire screen is a lot dimmer than it was originally, and color became less saturated. The gray lines on the bottom half has a lot of ghosting effects, and everything becomes really hard to read.

I tried factory reset, restarting the monitor. This did not help.

I have the latest drivers for my graphics card, and my second monitor displays perfectly.

I tested with my extra DVI cable and the problem persists.

Does anyone know what might be causing this andhow to fix it?

Here's some pictures I took of this with my phone:



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Re: U2311H 23" Widescreen Flat Panel has gray streaks and ghosting

Run the Self-Test and Built-in Diagnostics. If they fail and the warranty is still valid, if you only have a monitor order number, you should contact Order Support. If your monitor was purchased tied to a Dell PC, contact Technical Support. They will need the following data -
Email Address:
Shipping Address:
Phone Number:
Monitor Order number or attached PC Service Tag number:
Monitor 20 digit PPID number:

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