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U2312HM, dead

Hello I have (or I had if it stay dead) a U2312HM that I just upgraded because it started showing ghosting.

So I closed it from the button, disconnected everything from it and took it home where I had an old 19" monitor that is worse than a ghosting old U2312HM. But it never opened again for some reason.

I tried other cables, even returned to my office and tried the original power cable I had it with since yesterday but it refuse to open when I press the power button.

I suspect a power supply failure but it is too old of a monitor to bother with sending it in for repair and then I noticed a 12V input(?) in the back.

What is it? Can it work with external power supply? What do I need to buy?


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Re: U2312HM, dead

The U2312HM will only get power through the use of the power cable connected to the rear IN AC power cord connector. The OUT DC power connector next to it is only used to power the Dell Soundbar.


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