U2313HM Monitor Driver for XP

I just received a U2312HM monitor, followed the installation instructions using install disk, but drivers did not install. I

tried several times to reinstall via hardware device manager to no avail. I get an error message during install that

says a service installation section in this .INF is invalid. Using the MS Plug and Play monitor driver, I can get

the 1920x1080 setting, but part of screen disappears off edges, and objects on screen are stretched sideways,

system and task trays are lost. I can view the screen at 1280x1024, but it's stretched sideways and fuzzy. OS

is XP SP3, ATI Radeon 9200 card with ATI Catalyst update installed, Sony PCV-RS530G.  Driver for XP is

not found on Dell website, only Vista and 7?  I've also spent hours on internet searching for the driver. Please help me find and download the driver for XP.

Many thanks,


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Re: U2313HM Monitor Driver for XP

Sorry for the typo. It's a U2312HM.

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