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U2410 - How can I open it up?

I have a U2410 that must be well out of warranty by now.  It has been running like a dream for years.  I recently plugged it into my MacBook Pro and it went instantly dark.

Could be anything, probably power related.  Before I six it I would like to open it up and check if there is a fuse that might have blown.

I have replaced a power supply in a 2407 successfully (it is still running nicely, thanks for asking) and I found instructions on the internet about how to open it up - by prizing the bezel off from the top left side.  However I cannot find anything about opening up a 2410, and the bezel does not want to move.

So - any hints?

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My apologies but Dell does not repair monitors or sell internal monitor components. We do not even have monitor repair/disassembly documentation. You can try these 3rd party repair sites. Maybe they have a guide:

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