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U2410 - strange bright area

So, I have this monitor about a month and I don't really know is this issue is from the beginnig or not but now i can see it clearly.

Look at this:


I know that this panel have something something with those pink areas (don't remember name of that, I saw it on yt) but this is different.

White/bright area in top-left corner is visible at(?) any angle. Simply, it is visible always. day, night... no matter

When I touch panel in this area with very little pressure it disapear.... same thing on case but i need much more pressure.

Warranty or not?

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Re: U2410 - strange bright area

Yes, I would say this is covered under your warranty. What you have is backlight bleed because the panel hasn't been sealed properly in the factory, and so light is leaking through from the back. When you put pressure on the screen it seals the gap and the problem disappears. Let go and it reappears. This used to be more of a problem on older LCD displays, but the U2410 is usually very good in this regard.


Keep in mind panel exchange is a risk itself, and you might get back a screen with pixel or tint issues, so only ask for an exchange if it's really annoying you (which, by the sound of things, it is).


Good luck

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Re: U2410 - strange bright area

In normal usage, when would you see this issue? Take some head on pictures while in windows or watching a movie.

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