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U2412M, GTX 1070 DP, no signal issue


I've been trying to connect a 2 year old U2412M to my new XPS 8930 desktop (ordered GTX 1070) using DP to DP cable. Yet the U2412M simply returned a no signal window and went into PSM (power save mode) within seconds. I tried to unplug the cable from both the U2412M and XPS 8930, since it takes a bit of force to unplug, I assume that the cable had been plugged in properly. I haven't been able to use my new desktop for two weeks since it arrived because of this. Anyone has any idea what went wrong and how to fix this?

Many thanks!

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Mary G
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Re: Displayport no signal issue (Dell U2412M)

You should not have waited 2 weeks to report this. Not being able to remove the cable means it could be plugged in wrong. Should be simple to remove. Make sure you are using the video card and not the integrated ports on the computer. See the manual-- https://www.dell.com/support/home/us/en/04/product-support/product/xps-8930-desktop/manuals



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Re: Displayport no signal issue (Dell U2412M)


* What is the non-private U2412M 20 digit S/N?
* Any VGA or DVI cabling should be disconnected from the U2412M
* The GTX 1070 has three full size DP out ports. Have you tested all of them?
* Once connected and both the XPS 8930 and U2412M are turned on, press the U2412M Menu button
* Go to Input Source
* Check Display Port
* Exit the Menu

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