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U2412M, XPS 15-9560, connecting?

Hello Chris,

Have 2018 XPS 15-9560 and 2018 U2412M. XPS only has HDMI and U2412M, well you know. 

Got the run around from Level 1 lack of Support that I needed cables, bough 2 different DP to HDMI and same entering power save mode. 1 1/2 on the phone. 

Incredible the U2412M doesn't have a $2.00 HDMI port.

What would you recommend or other similar to upgrade monitor so I can move on?




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RE: U2412M DispayPort to HDMI

For my notes, click my username and via private message, send me the monitor service tag number.


U2412M video in ports = DP, DVI, VGA
XPS 15-9560 video out ports = HDMI, TB3/USB Type-C


The cables you bought should be returned. They are designed to do the opposite =
PC DP out port --> DP to HDMI cable --> Monitor HDMI in port


Options =
XPS 15-9560 HDMI out port --> HDMI to DVI cable --> U2412M DVI in port

XPS 15-9560 TB3/USB Type-C out port --> TB3 to DP cable --> U2412M DP in port

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