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U2413, Latitude 5480, Dock, DP usage


I have an older monitor, a Dell U2413 that simply seems incompatible with DisplayPort technology. My primary monitor works fine with HDMI out of my Dell 5480 docking station. But my only options for monitor#2 are DisplayPort or VGA. The DisplayPort monitor looks washed out with low contrast and high whiteness. I've spent hours tweaking settings from both "Resolution" and "Intel Graphics Settings". The display adapter is Intel Graphics 520 (I think because we run Win 7 Enterprise). The laptop is 3 days old and corporate I'm sure updated all drivers. So if DisplayPort is so great, why does my monitor look so bad? Is it because the 2413 is a 3-4 year old technology? (Thanks for the automatic obsolescence, Dell). Nothing in the 5480 owners manual. Not much relevant in community posts other than a few articles talking about "sharpness" and other tweaks I can't find. Any suggestions welcome (except for get a new monitor -- it belongs to corporate). Is there any way to duplex off the single HDMI port on the docking station box? Thanks for any ideas.

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Re: U2413, Latitude 5480, Dock, DP usage


* What specific dock? Look for a part number on it
* If the Latitude 5480 is only 3 days old, that means that you had the 2012 U2413 connected to a different system prior to the Latitude 5480. On that other system, was the U2413 connected using its DP in port or mDP in port? If yes, how did it look then?

* Turn the Latitude 5480 and both monitors off
* Latitude 5480 lid is open and connected to the dock
* Disconnect the other primary monitor and its HDMI cable from the dock. Leaving only this setup =
Dock mDP out port --> U2413 mDP to DP cable --> U2413 DP in port
Dock DP out port --> U2413 DP to mDP cable --> U2413 mDP in port
* Turn the U2413 on
* Press the Latitude 5480 power button, then close the lid
* The POST screens and Windows should appear on the U2413. If not, press the U2413 Input Source button and choose the connector used on the U2413. How does it look?

Also, ask your IT department if they can get you a USB Type-C to DP cable. If yes, test this without the dock =
Latitude 5480 USB Type-C out port --> USB Type-C to DP cable --> U2413 DP in port

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