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U2413, Resellers

I can't see why "... a reseller will NEVER have the latest revision" unless Dell deliberately continues to manufacture earlier revisions just to keep up with orders from resellers. Do they?!

I recently ordered two U2413 monitors from a reseller on condition that they were at least Rev A02. Dell assured him that this would be the case. The monitors were duly shipped to me directly from Dell, not via the reseller, but on arrival they were both Rev A00 (manufactured in August 2013). The reseller took them back. A contact at Dell subsequently emailed the factory to ask about revision numbers but the factory's reply was so vague and ambiguous it was useless for helping to understand how to buy a bug free monitor.

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RE: U2413, Resellers

A reseller buys our monitors in bulk and stores them in a warehouse. All those that he purchased in bulk on that single order will be the same revision. The reseller would have to periodically purchase a new batch from us to get a newer revision. The reseller will not do this. He will sell off what he has first. The only way to get the latest revision is to buy directly from us, new, not from the Dell Outlet or any reseller.

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