U2414H, AC511 Soundbar, Sky Q Mini box, no audio?

I've got my Sky Q Mini box plugged into this for when I'm bored waiting for 3D prints lol.

-The picture through HDMI 1 or 2 is perfect. But no sound.

My options on the satellite box are Dolby or "normal" (PCM I think?) audio through HDMI.

-Nothing, no sound control, volume wheel on Soundbar dead. Remote on the Sky Q Mini box doesn't even offer volume control. Tried the same box on a TV and it's fine.

Any ideas please. Thanks!


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RE: U2414H, AC511 Soundbar, Sky Q Mini box, no audio?

I am not sure about the Sky Q Mini box. Dell never tested it. One way to test the U2515H HDMI + audio would be to plug a Windows based computer into the U2515H, then test for audio out of the AC511.

* AC511 plugs into the U2515H USB downsteam port
* Computer USB port --> USB upstream cable --> U2515H USB upstream port
* Computer HDMI out port --> HDMI to HDMI cable --> U2515H HDMI in port
* Open the Windows Playback and choose U2515H HDMI as the Default Playback Device. If audio plays, then we know that the AC511 and U2515H are functional

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