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U2414H, DP MST daisy chain issue


long time again since last post but same issue for me. I recognized the bug because last week I started to use DP with MST function. Because in that thread exactly the same issue is described for several used over several revisions of the monitors I mention this is not a bug within the DP 1.2 specifications (the U2415 seems not to have this issue even it has same DP version). It seems to be an internal bug of monitor firmware and/or hardware issue. My question now is how to solve this? As documented in that thread and on several other posts online it is a hidden bug of this device. Warranty is over but I need a solution for this.

Thanks a lot!

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Re: U2414H, DP MST daisy chain issue


Started your own thread since that one was from 2014.

Once the purchased warranty period has expired, Dell will not issue monitor exchanges.

Dell never released a customer accessible firmware update for the U2414H.

Before we can troubleshoot, I need more data =
* What are the 20 digit S/N and A0x version of both U2414H? If they have service tag numbers, send them to me via Private Message
* To what computer model are the U2414H attached?
* What operating system is installed on the computer?
* What video card/GPU is installed in the computer?
* What video OUT ports are on the video card/GPU?
* List all U2414H cables and adapters attached to the computer and the ports they are using and how they are connecting to both U2414H

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