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U2414H, Dual, Latitude 7480, Daisy Chain

Having issues with the monitors black screening when either are set to DP 1.2 Enabled. Driver is up to date on the laptop and it should support 1.2 DP? Laptop is detecting three screens so I assume it's just the MST settings going wrong here? Using the setup below;

Latitude 7480 USB Type-C port --> USB-C to DP adaptor (M-F) --> DP to mDP cable --> #1 U2414H DP in port --> #1 U2414H DP out port --> DP to mDP cable --> #2 U2414H mDP in port 

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Re: U2414H, Dual, Latitude 7480, Daisy Chain


The first thing I would try is to use the dual U2414H setup with the laptop lid closed, #1 U2414H Primary, #2 U2414H Extended. The AC adapter must be connected to the laptop.

Note, we never tested an adapter. We tested a straight USB Type-C to DP cable.

Latitude 7480 USB Type-C out port --> USB-C to DP cable --> #1 U2414H DP in port (DP 1.2 Enabled) --> #1 U2414H DP out port --> U2414H DP to mDP cable --> #2 U2414H mDP in port (DP 1.2 Disabled)

* For my notes, send me via Private Message the following for both U2414H =
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