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U2414H, Dual daisy chaining, iMac Mid 2011, Radeon 6750M

I am wondering if it is possible to do this. My current configuration is:

iMac's thunderbolt (mini DP) port <--- miniDP to DP cabel ---> the DP in port of U2414H #1

the DP out port of U2414H #1 <--- DP to miniDP cabel ---> the miniDP in port of U2414H #2

Both dell monitors' DP 1.2 are enabled. iMac has a AND Radeon GD 6750M graphics card.

But the two U2414Hs are mirrored.


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Re: U2414H, Dual daisy chaining, iMac Mid 2011, Radeon 6750M


You can see on the U2414H operating system driver page that the U2414H was not tested/validated on the Apple proprietary hardware and operating system. All we can provide is "best guess" support. You should also ask the Apple users on the Apple Forum for troubleshooting help with their proprietary hardware and operating system and our monitor. Other Apple users on their Apple Forum stated that they used this TB to DP cable rather than our mDP to DP cable.

In theory, this is how it should be setup =

Apple PC TB/mDP out port --> U2414H mDP to DP cable --> #1 U2414H DP in port (DP 1.2 enabled)

#1 U2414H DP out port --> U2414H DP to mDP cable --> #2 U2414H DP in port (DP 1.2 disabled)

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