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U2414H Un-natural colors

Hi, my name is Stefan , i bought this week a 2414h from a retailer in my country Romania. At first i noticed a thing with it, the left side of the screen was yellow while the right side was more warm, blue-ish, this connected to an Rx 470 with the Mdp cable provided .

I calibrated it with the Color Munki display and Displaycal  and i got good results, the blue-ish side was more estompted and the colours looked great. 

Last night however there was a power outage where i live and i imediatly stopped the current from the anti power surge adapter that i use for my pc. I left it off all night.This morning when i turned it on the monitor made a crackling electric sound before starting  and i started noticing the colours beeing washed out like there was a gray film pelicula applied to the screen. After reading through this forum i made a hard reset to it as explained here with the removal of the power cord for 30 secs and than a factory reset and a self post Bid . 

The colors in the self post looked much darker then when i first unboxed the monitor with the red looking more orange and the white being  allmost all grey .

And the difference  of colours between the left part of the screen and the right part became more annoying. So my question is this :

Is there something to be done or do i have  to ask for a unit replacement through the warranty ?

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RE: U2414H Un-natural colors

Hi stefan_83,

Thanks for posting.

The Dell standard warranty would not cover damage done to the monitor from the power outage. You would have to go through the retailer.

"And the difference of colours between the left part of the screen and the right part became more annoying."

OK. Run the OSD (On Screen Display) -Others Factory Reset again. Then disconnect the U2414H from the computer. Run the BID (Built-in Diagnostics), page 56. Post pictures of all of the colored screens (gray, red, green, blue, black, white). We will then tell you if they meet our manufacturer specifications for overall uniformity.

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