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U2414H, not working after entering into sleep


I have the same issue with most Dell U2414H monitors.

Thanks for the detailed workaround Chris M., however, this is not fixed solution since it occurs more often after office hours and when the users returned next morning. The monitors entered power saving mode and we (tech support) need to do these steps all over again (unplugged-power off-restart).

Is there a fix with regards to your Dell U2414H model driver that will prevent this monitor to enter sleep mode or prevent the CPU to be restarted just to enable and use Dell U2414H monitor?

I appreciate any inputs, Thanks.

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Re: U2414H, not working after entering into sleep


I need more data =
* When were these U2414H purchased?
* Were these U2414H purchased directly from Dell?
* What are the 20 digit s/n and A0x revision? Check the back label
* To what computer models are the U2414H attached?
* What operating system?
* To what video card?
* To what video card port?
* Are the U2414H in a DP daisy chain, or are each U2414H connected to distinct video card ports?

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