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U2414H, requires turning off and on to get picture

Hi all,

My Dell monitor has recently developed strange issue.

When I switch on my PC, I can see Asus (motherboard) logo but after that all I can see is black screen even though green signal light stays on solid on monitor. At this point, I have to switch off the monitor and switch back on to get picture. I have recently changed the PC, I had exactly same issue with previous PC too. Thought it might go away with PC change but it did not.

Does anyone know how to fix it? 

Thank you in advance.

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Re: U2414H requires turning off and on to get picture


My Dell monitor has recently developed strange issue.
* How long had you been using this U2414H BEFORE this issue appeared?
* What hardware and/or driver changes were made to the computer prior to the issue appearing?

We need more data before we can troubleshoot;
* Power reset the monitor
- Disconnect all cables from the monitor (including the power cable)
- Press and hold in the power button for 10 seconds. If a capacitive power button, just wait for 30 seconds
- Reconnect the power cable and a single video cable from the computer video card
- Turn the monitor on and retest

* Was this monitor purchased directly from Dell? If not, then from which reseller?
* Check the rear label. What is the 20 digit monitor s/n and A0x revision?
* To what computer model is the monitor attached?
* What operating system is installed on the computer?
* What video card/GPU is installed in the computer?
* What video OUT ports are on the video card/GPU?
* List all monitor cables and adapters attached to the computer and the ports they are using and how they are connecting to the monitor. For example =
Computer video card GTX 1080 DP out port --> DP to mDP cable --> U2414H mDP in port

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