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U2417H Christmas gift

I have made 2 calls for support and both times after 8 minutes they hung up on me.  This is the worst customer service I have had to deal with.  I'm trying to replace a 20 inch Dell monitor with this one and having no luck.  I have trying run the Display port cord to monitor from AMD radeon Graphics card and it doesn't recognize set up.  I then run it via USB set up and it still doesn't see it.  I finally set it up via HDMI and it sees it.   Why won't it see the Display port set up or the USB set up.  

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RE: U2417H Christmas gift

This sounds familiar! I just got a new 24" Dell monitor U2415 and I too had problems connecting. I received 2 cables with my monitor. I connected the cable ending w/ T02RAH (it has an "S" with a swiggly on it, sorry, I am not familiar with the symbol) to the monitor and and the other end, USB to the computer.

When turning on the computer and monitor, display says DP cable not present, or something like that!

I called the seller I purchased from and he said, that is not the correct cable. I believe this cable and connections enable energizing the spare USB ports? The other cable, a DP V1.2 was probably the correct cable to connect, but my Dell 3847 desktop does not have a DP (display port, looks very close to a USB port) on it. I too, connected with an HDMI cable and I am satisfied with that method of connection, as industry wide feelings are HDMI will give you the best returns of video and audio compared to cables of the past. All I know, is my monitor is working great! Oh, and I will say, the little "shortcut" piece of paper Dell provides, "leaves a lot to be desired!" And yes, Dell's customer support has gone sharply downhill. Sometimes they don't even want to speak to you until they get you to sign up for their service plans! Anyway, enjoy your new monitor as well! - Rick

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