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U2417H : Gray horizontal lines

Hey guys,

Less than a week ago, I bought a DELL U2417H from dell.ca store. I've been using it for a few days, unfortunately I have some trouble with it Smiley Sad

I am getting some gray horizontal bars, they usually start to appears after the monitor has been powered on for a while (usually about +/- 40 min). How noticeable they are fluctuates, sometime they're barely noticeable, sometime they're extremely visible.

I tried to take a picture with my cellphone, the picture is not the best but we can sorta see what's wrong: (FYI, those lines seems to stand up the most when displaying gray colors) :

As you can imagine, this is a bit of a problem. I am thinking of returning the monitor for a refund and get some other screen instead.

I've did some troubleshooting on this, I tried to run the BID (unplugged everything, hold power for 30 sec, turn on monitor and wait for the 5 minute before going in sleep dialog, then press and hold 1 & 4) but I can't get the screen to get on BID.

Anything I should do before considering the return?

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RE: U2417H : Gray horizontal lines

Boot the computer into the BIOS. Do you see the issue?
Boot the operating system into safe mode. Do you see the issue?

BID (Built-in Diagnostics) instructions
* The computer and monitor are on showing the windows desktop
* Unplug the video cable (DP/mDP/HDMI) from the bottom of the monitor. Not from the computer
* The monitor then goes into self-test mode
* Press and hold buttons 1 (Preset Modes) and 4 (Exit) simultaneously for two
seconds. A gray screen appears
* Press Button 4. A red screen appears
* Press Button 4. A green screen appears
* Press Button 4. A blue screen appears
* Press Button 4. A black screen appears
* Press Button 4. A white screen appears
* Press Button 4. A text screen appears
* Press Button 4 to Exit the BID

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