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U2417H, USB 3.0 video input capable?

Hi there

I've recently purchased a U2417H and am trying to project my laptop (Toshiba Ultrabook) screen onto the monitor with a USB3 connection that was supplied with the screen. 

The Toshiba identifies a USB 3 connection but the Dell monitor does not identify a video source. 

Is the monitor capable of receiving a video input via a USB3 connection or do you need an HDMI cable as well? The monitor input menu options only list DP + mDP + HDMI/MHL as options. 



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Re: U2417H, USB 3.0 video input capable?


The supplied USB 3.0 upstream cable generally only allows the computer access to the U2417H USB hub and thus the four USB downstream ports. For video, you should attach to one of the three video in ports (HDMI/DP/mDP).

Read up on the DisplayLink USB graphics software to use with a USB DisplayLink adapter. To use USB DisplayLink, the computer USB ports must be USB 3.0/3.1.

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