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U2417H, not working with MacBook Pro 13 mDP?


It turns out that a few days ago I received my U2417H. But when connecting it through the mDP of the monitor to the mDP of my MacBook Pro 13 of 2012, the monitor does not receive the video signal. After a lot of research I discovered that it was necessary to deactivate the DP 1.2 through the Menu OSD of the monitor leaving the OK button pressed for 8 seconds on the configuration of the ports. The issue is that when pressing the button, the keys to go up and down do not work preventing in this way to select the option to disable in the menu and in this way I can not disable the DP 1.2 of my monitor. Does anyone know a different way to disable the default option of DP 1.2 in the U2417H?

Thank you for your answers and excuse my English. I am from Colombia and I am using the translator Smiley Happy

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Re: U2417H, not working with MacBook Pro 13 mDP?


The U2417H was never validated/tested by Dell on the Apple proprietary hardware and software;

So you should also post on the Apple Forum and ask for help. Ask them if you need to purchase a different mDP to mDP cable.

Now, the U2417H does not use the verbiage DP 1.2. It uses DP MST (Multi Stream Transport). So to disable DP MST, simply enter the Menu OSD (On Screen Display). Go to Display, set MST to Off.

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