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U2417h overclocking

Hi, I currently own two u2414h and couldn't be more happy with them. I currently have them overclocked to 72Hz (I know, and am willing to accept the risks), and I was looking into gettting a 3rd. However since the specs on the u2417h look much improved and I was wondering if I could get some information on if it can be overclocked to match.

I'm using a GTX 970 over DP to power the monitors, using the timings located in the thread linked (post by itx77)


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RE: U2417h overclocking

Overclocking a Dell monitor designed to do 60Hz at its maximum resolution does void any purchased warranty. This is done via 3rd party software through the video card, not the monitor itself. You should repost the question on the Desktop Video board.

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