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U2515H, No power, unable to switch on

Hi all

I have been unable to turn on my Dell U2515H at all.  It's Power LED indicator is totally dark. 

I have a dual Dell U2515H monitor setup so I have used a working Power Cable from my other working DELL U2515H and still there is absolutely no response when I turn on the power (normally it should blink a faint white), or any response when I touch the power button.  I have nothing connected to the monitor i.e.  I disconnected all wires apart from the power cable, just to get it to even switch on, but failed :-(

Can anyone help please?  The Dell U2515H is an absolutely beautiful monitor, but only served me 2yrs+, that's really too short a time for a high quality monitor.


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Re: Dell U2515H No Power / Unable to switch on


Were both U2515H purchased on the same order?
Both purchased directly from Dell as New?
What are both 20 digit serial numbers?
In which country do you reside?

Try this, disconnect every cable from the U2515H. Press and hold in the power button for 15 seconds. Reconnect only the power cable to the U2515H. Try to power it on, what happens?

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