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U2515H, PS3, Adjusting sound level


I just bought the U2515H to connect my pc and PS3 to it. To listen to the audio from the PS3, I connect my headphones to the monitor. Unfortunately in some games this is way too loud, I adjust some settings of the game, but some games don't have a main volume setting. I look in the settings of the screen or the PS3 itself to adjust it, but nothing. Am I overlooking something, or is it best I buy the soundbar?

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RE: Adjusting sound level on U2515H

The PS3 is notorious for not having a master volume control for games. The U2515H User's Guide page 11 specifically states, "Connect your speakers", and "Headphone usage is not supported for the audio line out connector.".

The AC511 soundbar will not work in this case because it does not connect to the U2515H audio line out connector which is the only way to get the audio from the PS3 HDMI. The older Dell soundbars will not work because the U2515H soundbar slots are only designed for the AC511. You should get stand alone powered speakers with volume control. Plug them into the U2515H audio line out connector. Plug the headphones into the speakers.