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U2518D, HDMI not working (DP-mDP working)


I have a problem with DELL u2518D monitor working via HDMI cable.

I am connecting my DELL Precision 7520 to this monitor vie DP-mDP cable with no problem. But recently I've tried connecting some other laptop that doesn't have a DP or mDP port, only HDMI. It wouldn't work. So I checked the cable with my DELL laptop and it wouldn't work too. I checked the laptop with the TV connecting via HDMI and it worked, so the cable is not the problem.

It is a high speed 2.0 HDMI cable. I also already tried switching the monitor to USB1.4 by pushing the menu button for 8sec. Did not work too.

I am using the latest update of WINDOWS 10. 

My GPU: Intel HD Graphics 630 + NVIDIA QUADRO M1200

My U2518D firmware is up to date (M2T103).

Can anybody give me any advice on what to check or how to get it working before giving it up on warranty?