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Re: U2518D, PS4, tearing, stuttering

Ok, as it seems that more and more people discover this issue, I give you some news about this issue. I tried to solve this problem with official DELL customer support for about two months and short answer: they closed the case because they cannot replicate this problem.
So I ask them for video footage with U2518D showing perfectly smooth motion, but the answer was, that it is "TOP SECRET" and they are not allowed to share this type of informations, hmm.

As it doesn't look like DELL even try to solve this issue, there is no other choice for me, than RMA and ask for refund and then buy different monitor, this time, no DELL of course. Because I accept that there could be a usual problems with monitors like dead pixels, brightness uniformity problem, color accuracy etc. Most of them are more or less problems with individual units and I understand, that it is difficult to manufacture thousends of monitors that every one of them will be exactly same (and without any defects).

But this is not a problem of one unit, this is fundamental problem in design and if DELL acts like nothing is wrong, I am simply not willing to risk my money anymore and hope, that some other monitor from DELL would work as it is suppose to work. Now I have this monitor for 3 months, 3 months I have a monitor which I cannot use and who knows how long will take the whole RMA process, not to mention possibility, that it will be not accepted...


Re: U2518D, PS4, tearing, stuttering


For reporting and tracking reasons, all new U2518D posters with this issue should start their own threads. To date, 10  Forum users have reported this issue. The call centers are not seeing this complaint. 

All PS4 users should be testing with only the PS4 connected to the U2518D. I am not sure if all of these variations are even possible...

Test 1 = U2518D HDMI 1.4 Enabled, Smart HDR Enabled
Test 2 = U2518D HDMI 1.4 Disabled, Smart HDR Enabled
Test 3 = U2518D HDMI 1.4 Enabled, Smart HDR Disabled
Test 4 = U2518D HDMI 1.4 Disabled, Smart HDR Disabled

How to change the HDMI version =
* Press the Menu button
* Go to Input Source
* Select HDMI and hold down the button for 8 seconds. A choice should appear;
Enable = HDMI 1.4, Disable = HDMI 2.0
* Exit the OSD

How to change the Smart HDR =
* Press the Menu button
* Go to Display

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